The Brooch Wedding Bouquet

Top tips: the brooch wedding bouquet

Heart set on a brooch wedding bouquet? Lindsey Hunter shares the 10 things you should consider when choosing

You've dreamt of your wedding day your whole life, so every detail should be perfect. After you have picked your dress, the wedding theme, the venue and a wow-factor cake, the bouquet is next. But where to begin?

For something truly unique - which incorporates your wedding colours and theme, and even family heirlooms - you might like to consider the brooch bouquet. Here, Lindsey Hunter shares the 10 factors you should consider before saying 'I do' to a brooch bouquet...

1. Think about what shape you want your bouquet to be; round, heart-shaped, teardrop or crescent.

2. Do you prefer brooches and jewellery in yellow or white gold or a mixture of both?

3. Consider your wedding colour scheme – do you want to incorporate colour into your bouquet or go for neutral colours?

4. Do you have any family brooches or jewellery pieces which you would like to include in your bouquet? This is a great way to have a loved one close on your special day.

5. What is your style? Do you like vintage-inspired brooches and jewellery or actual vintage pieces? Bear in mind older pieces may be more expensive.

6. Consider whether you would like other items added to your bouquet such as lace, feathers, clusters of ribbon, pearls, crystals, small sprigs of silk flowers or even a broken watch that can be set to the time of your ceremony to cherish forever.

7. Think about whether you would like to add any height and movement to your bouquet. Crystals or pearls can be added to wire stems to give height and movement.



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