How about this great ideas for bridesmaids gifts.

 A fabulous idea.
PictureImagine the looks on their faces when you present these personalized hangers to your bridesmaids  on your wedding day. They can use them to hang their dresses and also take them home. A long lasting and memorable gift. ..

The how to....

This idea was posted on my club board and I thought it was super cute but didn't want to spend the $30 to order one from Etsy so I decided to try my hand at making my own....and I think it turned out great!

Total Cost = $1.60
Yep way less than $30 to buy one. I got the wire from Michaels and choose to go with a colored wire. I had a 50% off coupon but it would have only been about $3 if I hadn't.

I looked at the pictures on Etsy to determine how to make the letters and just winged it from there. It took my about 45 min to make. I just used my hands to bend the wire and did that almost the entire way. Where i wanted it tighter - like at the top of the "d" or "l" i just squeezed it with a needle nose pliers. I also twisted the wire at the top by the hook with the pliers. It really was not that hard if you look at the pics of the letters while doing it - I think the hard part is knowing how to create a letter and I just used the pics on Etsy for that.
Let me know if you have questions and I would love to help you if you decide to make one!
Here are the websites I used when gathering info/ideas...since I found looking at pictures of the letters the most helpful I would recommend just looking at the etsy site helpful but the others might get you started.

DIY Custom Hanger - part 2

You can see what I had originally made below but after reading Michelle's idea on my club board I decided to add wood to make them stronger...oh and we had a MSP knottie DIY GTG that I thought would be perfect for this project so I got them all done in one fell swoop!

I got the hangers in packs of 5 at target. I went with the cherry wood color.

I bought the wire from Michaels - 12 gauge. I then used mainly my hands to twist the wire and using a needle noise pliers to tighten some spots - for ex. the top of a "l" or "k."

I took an electric drill and drilled holes 1 inch up on either side of the hanger with a 5/64 bit. If you drill in at an angle they stay in really well....none of those pictured are glued in and they are all hanging in my closet right now just fine...although I will glue them cuz at this point you can move it around if you push the wire.


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