Wedding WebSites

The best invention in modern times, okay maybe not the absolute the wedding website.....and nowadays they come in so many designs and styles. There is one for every personality and theme, and even one for those planning destination weddings. One source that I am more familiar with is

You can select from vintage, to modern or somewhat more traditional themes and even add your own music.

Once you have established your theme, you then welcome your visitors, begin to tell your story, add your pictures, introduce the important details of your wedding and your wedding party, and allow guests to rsvp.

Many people use this site to let guests know about the weather, the activities, the hotels and restaurants in Atlanta. It is also a great place to let your guests know whether your event will be all adult or not, where you are registered for gifts and any other unique expectations you have.

When my brides share their websites with me, I get a better feel for who the couple is and the type of event they desire. It's such a wonderful thing.

Best of all..It is FREE.

Check out Sarah and Nick's site here.

Can't wait to see yours...don't forget to share:)


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