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COLORED SHOES, what do they say!

The old notion of white wedding is taking a back seat and hence the colored wedding shoes are really “in” currently. When it comes to taking into account the bridal shoes in some color there are many points that deserve your attention. For instance you might want to know the themes with which the shoes for weddings can be coordinated. In case all such questions are bothering you then you for sure are going in the right direction. To get the answer to all such questions continue with the story that deals with colorful bridal shoes in depth. Hang on with colors of joyousness and gladness on your blushing face.
Blue wedding shoes: Remember Sarah Jessica Parke's shoes in the Sex and the City movie? Those gorgeous blue shoes (or something just like them) are right up there (Zenith Pump - blue satin). How fantastic did she look and how great did her shoes look against the pale white of the dress? Whether you choose Tiffany blue wedding shoes or a pair of navy blue wedding shoes, these shoes will stand out and make your outfit look completely elegant.
Purple wedding shoes: Purple is the color of royalty and you are the princess on your wedding day. Choosing one of the gorgeous purple bridal shoes will really make you feel special. The deep purple colors are a great contrast to the white or ivory tones in your wedding dress.
Red wedding shoes: Red bridal shoes are perfect for the bride looking to spice up her wedding day outfit. Show these to your future husband and he will be so excited to go back to your bridal suite. The red color is really sexy and shows off any brides legs and feet really well. Plus, you will be able to wear those red shoes later on to spice up any outfit you are going out in.

More reasons to buy a pair of red, purple, or blue bridal shoes:

Reason 1: Match your wedding day colors. The new trend is to match that gorgeous red or purple palette that you picked out for your wedding day. Plus, have something that ties you to your bridesmaids. While they are wearing red dresses, wear your red bridal shoes. If you’ve chosen a beautiful light blue color, then match that color with a pair of light blue wedding shoes. Or if your dress has a bow or ribbon that is a different color, think about buying shoes to match.

Reason 2: Make this your something sexy, new, or just your something blue. Are you still having trouble finding blue underwear or a blue garter to use as your "something blue?" Well, blue shoes will be just perfect for that. Those Tiffany blue wedding shoes will make you look different from other brides, but still look fantastic and hopelessly elegant.

Reason 3: Do you want to make your outfit a little sexy, but wearing white just doesn't cut it? Why not try some sexy red heels to show off to your new husband after the wedding? Or, choose a pair of purple shoes that are just perfect to change up your look. Your husband will love that he can peek under your dress and see your shoes and you will love showing them off to him!

Reason 4: Buying red, blue, or purple shoes means that you will definitely be able to wear these shoes again. White wedding shoes are really hard to wear a second time. It is hard to match white with lots of things, but blue, red and purple go easily with many different outfits. For the holidays, you will find yourself wearing these shoes under your best holiday dresses. When you go out and celebrate your anniversary, you’ll be able to wear those red bridal shoes and remind your husband of your wedding day. When you want to go out for a night on the town, those purple bridal shoes will be perfect to dress up any outfit.

Reason 5: Shoes in red, blue and purple are just more fun and interesting. These days, designers are making a lot of different colored shoes. The white shoes are simple and elegant, but the red shoes are a lot more dramatic. Designers choose the colors to match their design and when they want something bold, they will choose a bold color. All 3 colors – red, blue and purple – really stand out and allow designers to explore and do different things. You can also find these shoes in satin or velvet, changing the entire look of the shoe and also your outfit.

Reason 6: Shoes in a different color are really fun and stand out. If you are considering these shoes, you know how fun it is to wear them. When you are wearing a pair of fabulous blue heels, you know that you feel more fun. You just want to kick them up and show them off. So, choose those blue bridal shoes you’ve been envying or those red wedding shoes that you really want and have fun on your wedding day!

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All colors are hot in 2012. I expect to see alot of pantones color of the year (tangerine Tango), champagnes and shades of purple.

There is nothing like coordinating the bouquet with the shoes....Ask my why:)

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