A $20,000 Diamond ring....for free.......

Can you find the $20,000 Ritani DIAMOND ring hidden in Atlanta?
Dear Friend of Perfect Petals Design Group
We are writing to personally invite you to a free community event on Saturday, November 20th where you have the chance to win a $20,000 Ritani DIAMOND ring!
Interested?  The 1st Annual Atlanta Diamond Dash is an incredibly fun and free high-tech treasure hunt.  Using your mobile phone, you and a partner will receive a series of location-based clues and challenges to complete.  The game typically lasts for less than two hours and the first team to successfully answer the questions wins the ring!
As a friend of ours, you are privileged to a keyword that will enter you into an exclusive pool of candidates to be selected to participate. 

Visit atlantadiamonddash.com and enter the code-word,"Bridal" to be placed in the special candidate pool.  Be sure to include a short explanation for why you should win one of the limited spots in the contest! 
If selected, you’ll receive an email within a couple of days with a final set of instructions to confirm your spot in the event.  Spots are limited and going fast, so be sure to sign up today for your chance to compete!
We are very excited to be a part of this event and hope to see one of our friends win!  We wish you luck and hope to see you on Saturday, November 20th!


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