Nothing makes more of a statement......

...than walking into a ballroom adorned with beautiful color and fragrant blooms. No guest will miss or forget  these welcome-pieces. How joyous this event will be when you set the tone with gorgeousness.

While most of our brides realize the importance of entertaining their guests with flowers and setting the tone with stylish designs, every now and then I will get a bride that will comment that they do not remember the centerpieces at a recent wedding or two they have attended. When further questioned, I discover that the  centerpieces were either non-existent, or so small that  they had little or no impact on the room, the style of the event  or to the guests that were in attendance. If neither is the situation, they may simply not appreciate the addition of decor, ambiance, color and the unique expression of the bride's style.

Most our brides come our way because their event, and every element of their event is important to them. This once in a lifetime occasion, is seldom repeated in terms of magnitude, expense and significance,  so it is important that every detail be addressed and every element be memorable.

Enjoy some recent designs we created and other distinctive pieces that should serve as inspiration for your event.

For more inspration on reception designs, be sure to check out Preston's Bailey Book on Celebrations or any of his other fantastic and timeless books of 'Eye Candy'.


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