The Rose is in Vogue again!

With over 600 shades and a host of sizes, shapes, personalities and characteristics, Today's roses sure are versatile. Cabbage roses, tea roses, garden roses, spray roses, Colombian roses, sweetheart roses, antique roses, standard roses and hydroponic roses. How do you ever cut through the maize??

You wont find these roses in the retail market.

At Perfect Petals we specialize in premium blooms, with every bloom carefully inspected and processed before utilized in any of our floral creations. Our flowers are flown in to Atlanta from a professional group of hand picked A rated growers that supply only the best, most bountiful and fresh blooms, and that offer the greatest variety in styles and color.

We are so fortunate to have access to these amazing stems that are received only days before your wedding day...and have not been sitting around a supermarket/market shelf , having come in contact with citrus(fruit kill flowers), picked through by other customers, handled by non professional florists, and sitting in stale water for days. You will notice that retail or supermarket roses (otherwise known as 'fancy' grades or seconds) are tightly closed, to make them appear fresh, regardless of their age. These closed varieties will typically die without ever opening and showing their full beauty. Do you really want these old flowers at your wedding..

Don't leave you flowers to chance !

Some roses look very traditional, while others take on a unique appearance and are ready for styling in a trendy, fashionable bouquets.

Looking for a modern but romantic bloom? Check out those pink cabbage roses in Pic 2
Prefer a more natural look? Then you may love the spray and garden baby roses in picture 3. interspersed with other garden styled textures, the roses add softness and color without screaming"Look at me"

Call us today....... let us take the guesswork out of "Choosing the perfect rose"

Rose Revival

They’ve become a romantic cliché, but with these fresh takes, the almighty flower regains its glory.


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