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Bigger Is Better

Your wedding day is one of the only days in your life where you are allowed to act like royalty. So, why not go big? One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having floral decor that can really turn heads. And when it comes to turning heads, bigger is always better. Find out the three most important elements of larger than life designs.

Size Matters
Let’s face it, it’s hard to turn heads with tiny centerpieces. But, skyscraping arrangements have no problem attracting attention. Whether it’s a huge ball of roses in an oversized mercury glass or orchids hanging dramatically from a tiered tower, the sheer size of an arrangement is probably the easiest way of creating a grand mood for your wedding.

Eye Catching Color
Second only to size is color, with its ability to instantly draw eyes. Bright colors create the most pomp, but more subtle colors can be just as appealing when used well. Adding details filled with glitz and glamour, like jewels and feathers, can enhance a more neutral color palette. Remember to combine contrasting colors for an even more striking look. Even something as seemingly simple as black and white can create a big presence because of the high contrast.

Unique Shapes
Once your arrangements have caught your guests’ attention, keep their eyes lingering on the designs for a moment longer. Unique shapes – like carnations that form a large box or manzanita branches jutting out from a cluster of hydrangeas – make people take a second look. And you should want your guests to enjoy the breathtaking creations – after all, this may be your one chance to feel like royalty, but your guests should feel that way too. It will ensure your big day will be one everyone will remember.

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Pictures courtesy of Perfect Petals Special Event Design Group, Stoneblossoms, Davinci


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