How to hold the bouquet

The bridal bouquet can be such a lovely, colorful assortment of fragrant blooms. No wonder the sweet handful of flowers ends up near the nose and close to the eyes...... Nerves also leads to brides holding their bouquets closer to their chest, a much more comfortable position when all eyes are on you. But I can't stress enough how important it is to carry the bouquet below the waist line. Not only does it help to show off the fabulous figure you have, but it helps show off the beautiful details of your gown, draws the eye back to your face and not the bouquet and makes you look far more elegant.
If you are not sure , hold the bouquet at the belly button. The arms are more elongated, the back is straighter and helps make you look taller.
Make sure that you bridesmaids are aware of this simple rule. When you get your pictures back you will be grateful.

Check out this paragraph grabbed from the pages of Real

“In full-length shots, be sure that you and your bridesmaids hold your flowers below waist level. This creates a more flattering silhouette, ensures that the flowers don’t compete with faces or dress bodices, and lengthens arms, which makes them look leaner. In close-ups, hold the flowers above the waist, so they are captured in the frame.”

Above, Courtney holds the bouquet is the right manner. How beautiful she is.......


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