Christy's wedding at Houston Mill House

Some of you may recognize her as she frequently appears on the news as Georgia Powers spokeswoman. Well, today, she was my bride and guys, she's no longer available. She married Chad about three hours ago on the gorgeous grounds of Houston Mill House.
Christy was absolutely breathtaking. She wore a drop waist, a-line, elegant diamond white gown and fabulous silver sandals..
It was the perfect setting, about 75 degrees, a beautiful sunny day, no wind and yes, no rain.Every flower on the property appeared to be in bloom and every butterfly stopped by to smell the flowers.
Christy carried some of my favorite flowers. Peonies, Lisianthus, rununculus, cymbidiums and calla lilies. I was particular fond of the striped fuchsia and white cymbidiums matched the handsome groom's vest.
The bridesmaids dresses were simply gorgeous. Difficult to describe as they appeared to be striped but they are designed of layers and layers of fabrics. And the nicest thing is that they can wear them again. They both carried Sarah Bernhardt peonies. They smelled so good......
The wonderful thing about the wedding site at Houston Mill House is that you can face the gardens, or face the arch. Christy and Chad decided to face the beautiful red maple tree.
Here are some of the wedding site, reception and party area decor.


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