Budgeting and Etiquette

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Raising The Bar
Posted by Darcy Miller, Editorial Director
When it comes to budgeting for expenses at your reception, the alcohol bill can really add up. But it doesn't have to. No, I'm not suggesting you have a cash bar at your wedding, but you can still save money without looking like you cut back too much. Skip the full bar and just serve wine, non-alcoholic drinks, and a specialty drink, as caterer Peter Callahan did here at David Monn's bridal event. (Peter is known for his clean and creative bar tables, and he's done several that have appeared in our magazine over the years.) Peter created a Cucumber-Basil Margarita as a signature cocktail (recipe follows below the pics), and David hung crepe paper balls from the ceiling above the bar for high drama at a low cost.
Don't forget: If you want to see more of David's decorating, join him, Vera Wang, Frederick Fekkai, me and more next Wednesday, April 15th, for our one-hour wedding special on The MARTHA Show.

There are definatley ways to cut back on costs without sacrificing etiquette.
Check out this picture of tissue balls. ...back from the 70's. Ooooooh-la-la


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