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How much do flowers cost?

Not an easy question to answer as each and every bloom is priced individually. Orchids and other exotics shipped in from the islands of Hawaii, and rare blooms such as lily of the valley, are far more expensive than daisies and Peruvian lilies, which are considered home grown.
A bouquet designed primarily of exotic lady slipper orchids , may be 5 times the price of a bouquet of Ecuadorian roses. A mix of these blooms, however, would allow for a less expensive bouquet.
A large bouquet would be more expensive than a small bouquet (of similar blooms).
There are times when a larger bouquet may be less expensive than a small bouquet. A bouquet of small blooms, like mini callas, would be more expensive than a bouquet of the same size bouquet of large calla lilies. A medium- large bouquet of roses is sometimes 6 times cheaper than a small bouquet of lily of the valley.
A bouquet with crystal accents or other adornments would be more expensive than the same bouquet A wired bouquet would be more expensive than a hand tied bouquet , just as would any bouquet that requires an extensive amount of labor to create.
And a round bouquet will be more expensive than a dome shaped bouquet
There are times when certain blossoms , and certain colors are more expensive, than other times of year.
Red flowers are more expensive during the Christmas Holiday Season and around Valentine’s Day. Imported flowers , flowers that are considered “out of season” , and hydroponic flowers, are more expensive than others.
Bridal Bouquets start at $60.00 and with most between $130- 225.
Bridesmaids bouquets start at $35.00 and average $50.
Flowergirls satin baskets white or ivory start at $12.00
Flowergirls pomander balls start at $39.00
Bride or bridesmaids pomander balls start at $95.00
Boutonnières start at $4.00 with average at $14.00 (groom) and $ 10.00 (others)
Corsages start at$13
Floral purses start at $45

Ceremony arrangements from $95
Arbors, archways, canopies from $45
Columns from $9
Chuppahs from $395
Candleholders from $1.00
Candelabras from $12.00


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